Nov. 18, 2014

This big-deal gastronomic event is still months away but we're already excited. It's the first time Madridfusión will be held outside of Spain.

“Madrid Fusión is the single most important conference for the culinary scene in the 21st century. It is where the world goes to see the future of food, says Department of Tourism secretary Ramon R. Jimenez Jr in Manila Bulletin. "We are very excited to welcome people who are interested in food from Asia, primarily from ASEAN, and from the rest of the world to visit the Philippines in 2015.” 

Sep. 28, 2014

Noel de la Rama, visiting chef from New York: “The one trend I would like to see is the farm-to-table movement. Not only is it better for the environment, it just makes sense altogether. Why even cook something that is not in season?”

Many celebrities, tycoons and world leaders have one. A person who caters to your every whim, odd taste or food allergy. In less sophisticated eras, this person was simply called a cook. But in this modern age where kitchen geniuses have attained rock-star status, we have what is now called the personal chef.

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July 30, 2014

MANILA, July 29 — One of the world’s leading annual culinary events is set to take place in Manila in 2015, known as “Visit the Philippines” year, the Department of Tourism (DOT) said.

For the first time, the Philippines will be host to the very first Madrid Fusion culinary event, which is attended by elite chefs and experts in the culinary field to discuss trends, evolution of tastes, and new food habits.