April 11, 2017

MANILA, The Philippines - It has not been easy to define Philippine cuisine. The country itself was colonized by Spain for centuries, and then by the United States, followed by the Japanese. This unique history led to a mixture of diverse cultures, which can be seen in the food culture of the Philippines. Coupled with acting as the crossroads of cultural exchange between Asia, the Americas and Europe, it has been difficult for even Filipinos themselves to understand what exactly their cuisine is.

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April 10, 2017

Chef Jordy Navarra kicked off the last day of Madrid Fusion Manila, April 8, with an almost-full conference hall on a Saturday at 9 a.m. Not a surprising feat for a chef who has made waves with his tasting menu (then at Black Sheep and now at Toyo Eatery in Makati) where familiar flavors and ingredients are made to woo you with modern yet subtle strokes.

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April 9, 2017

“It is our desire to enhance the food that we are off ering to signifi cantly raise the quality of our tourists’ overall experience, and therefore improve our competitiveness as a travel destination,” said Tourism Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo at the close of Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM) 2017, yesterday. “We want to ensure that for the huge chunk of their budget, everything our tourists will spend on in the country will have value for money.”

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April 9, 2017

Sadly, the most delicious three days in the Philippines just came to an end.

Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (April 6-8) is the biggest culinary event in Asia and some of the most celebrated chefs from around the globe flew in to the capital to share their cuisine, advocacy, and techniques to the hungry (for food and knowledge) audience.

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April 9, 2017

MANILA -- For chefs who are concerned with long-term sustainability, there are many ways of interpreting what it means to “go local.” 

At the last day of Madrid Fusion Manila on Saturday, three renowned chefs -- Jordy Navarra of Toyo Eatery in Makati, Ray Adriansyah and Eelke Plasmeijer of Locavore in Ubud, Indonesia, and Josean Alija of Nerua Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain -- explored the idea of how going local is at the very heart and soul of their restaurants. 

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