May 29, 2017

We’ve had the good fortune of working with many countries like Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Australia in their efforts to build their culinary tourism market. After all, culinary experiences are the most popular method for driving tourism today. Food has a compelling way of connecting travellers to the history and traditions of a place. We can expect that more cities and countries will be looking at ways to amplify their gastronomic delights.

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May 26, 2017

This is an actual propaganda movement - Use of everyday And available products. Available As for the season, and in place about - And, of course, for the price. Of course, to create from such Products unbanal and delicious Dish, you will need experience, talent and Phenomenal gastronomic flair. Perhaps that's why the flagship - Us in the use of local and Not delicatessen products of steel First of all the chef gastro - Nomic restaurants.

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May 12, 2017

I f an analogy can be made between Madrid Fusion and a heavy dinner, it involves how both have a huge amount of ideas that takes days to take in, and then days to digest. All the speakers touched on a variety of subjects, some seemingly simple as “simplicity”, some strange, like “a light in the abyss,” some specific like “Jewish cuisine.” Be sure to stay in front, we were told, because if there are tastings, you are sure to get some. You also have a good position as well to take photographs. But you also cannot nap when jet lag hits you because the speakers can see you

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May 12, 2017

“Towards a Sustainable Gastronomic Planet” seems at first glance a rather deep extravagant theme for Madrid Fusion Manila 2017, the most important culinary event in Asia. But the 19 speakers at the Congress, held from April 6 to 8 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, presented very down-to-earth solutions to obtaining sustainability, as well as redefined the role of chefs today. And that made this third year of Madrid Fusion Manila perhaps the best in terms of message quality and practicality

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May 10, 2017

One of the anticipated activities at each edition of gastronomical love-fest Madrid Fusion Manila, are the thematic lunches hosted by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Tourism. Always an exciting, surprising and mouthwatering showcase created by our country's esteemed culinary names, each luncheon not only sets the hearty and festive flavor of the different regions and islands but somehow sets a curious tone to the what we can expect and look forward to from our imminent and intrepid food provocateurs.

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