Madrid Fusión Manila 2016

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An International Culinary Event you would not want to miss.

Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM) is the first and only Asian edition of Madrid Fusion, the most important international gastronomy congress in the world, celebrated annually in Madrid since 2003. MFM brings together the most acclaimed avant-garde chefs from across the globe. On its first year, the theme of the congress was 'The Philippines and Spain: A 300-year Gastronomic Journey.'


An equally exciting Madrid Fusion Manila awaits gourmet professionals, aficionados and enthusiasts in 2016.

Don't miss this chance to take part in the biggest international gathering of some of the most distinguished and revered names in the world of gastronomy.

In 2016 , in celebration of the 450th anniversary of the Galleon Trade that linked Asia with the Western World, the theme of Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 will be ‘The Manila Galleon: East Meets West’, expanding the gastronomic conversation further, not only between two countries but between two very different parts of the world.


Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 Sound Bites

I was really honored to be able to participate in the inauguration of Madrid Fusion Manila 2016. I was impressed by the quality of the event and by the excellent organization of the team led by Secretary Jimenez of DOT. The Philippines really deserves recognition for being able to create a new reference for high quality gastronomy in the region.
- Hon. Jesus Gracia, Secretary of State for Cooperation of Spain

The Department of Tourism has really managed to make Madrid Fusion Manila even bigger and better than last year, which was really difficult. We are happy to have been able to take part again in this wonderful initiative, that will help strengthen the links between our two countries.
- Hon. Luis Calvo, Ambassador of Spain to the Philippines

Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 has definitely been a big success. We were again impressed by the effort and the passion that the Philippine government has put in making this possible. Our companies in the Trade Exhibit were really happy to be associated with such a quality event, and to interact with the best chefs in the world. MFM has become an excellent opportunity to promote high quality gastronomic products in the region
- Enrique Feás, Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of Spain

It was great. Positive, exciting. The chef loved everything he tried and he ate. I think for the culinary students and participants, even for the nannies, it was a really great experience. I really think it will put the Philippines on the map. Every year it gets better and better.
- Cara Wilson, Nanny to Kevin Cherkas

MFM 2016 is a better version of last year. More sponsors, more people wanted to participate. More chefs are here and they were fantastic and they were able to promote our local ingredients. It was nice to see all our foreign chefs and local consumers appreciate our native ingredients.
- Undersecretary Berna Romulo Puyat

I was an exhibitor too last year and it’s really good exposure for small business owners. It’s amazing to showcase to countries like Spain that we have export quality products. I sell Mancicello. The Michelin stared chefs are in love with our calamansi – its acidity and how it gives so much flavor to our food and drinks. My product is 100% Pinoy made of calamansi, lambanog and local honey. I always get good reception here. I’m sold out today, I have nothing else to sell anymore. It’s good news for the business and in terms of promoting Philippine products. I can’t wait for next year!
- Ginnie Fernandez, Exhibitor, Owner for Mancicello

We partook of the B2B and enjoyed it a lot. This is a really good platform for businesses.
- Maite Mendieta, Co-Owner, CMBV Chocolates

It’s very informative and you get to learn a lot of things about the relationship of Spain and the Philippines.
- Beatriz Gantuangco, Owner and Baker at Betsy’s Oven

I just arrived this morning (9 April) but from what Ive seen, it seems very interesting not only for foreigners but also for Filipinos. To go to the different provincial booths is a wonderful experience for a Filipino who’s not familiar with a particular province. It’s a chance for them to learn we have some ingredients or dishes in our regions, which they never knew existed. It’s very interesting.
- Sandy Daza, Chef/Owner of Wooden Spoon and TV Host for Food Prints

It’s been a great experience. This is our second year. It’s better this year because there are more people and we appreciate how the venue is laid out. Speakers and delegates got to pass by our booths and have more time to look around. I’m so happy with the chef’s hour because they get to linger here first. The gazeta this year also helped because our staff new who to be on the look out for unlike last year. In MFM 2015, we didn’t see the speakers.
- Cecille Nepomuceno – Gamad, Information Officer, Mama Sita’s

I’m speaking for the company Bodega Romero de Avila Salcedo from Castilla La Mancha. We sell high quality wine. We expected more clients, more people but generally we are satisfied about this fair.
- Jade Veyssiere, Account Manager, Bodega Romero de Avila Salcedo

I think about Madrid Fusion Manila as a great opportunity to discover new talents in Asia. It’s because people in Europe aren’t so familiar with the Asian kitchen or we know more about Japanese or Thai only. I think MFM is a great opportunity too to know about products we’ve seen here in the Congress and also especially the ones we saw in Farmers Market. Philippine cuisine is very interesting and I think it can travel well. I will be so glad to have a wonderful Philippine restaurant in my country. I will really be happy.
- Pilar Salas, Gastronomy journalist, Agencia EFE

Madrid Fusion Manila y Mexico. Finally the connection of Manila, and our food, is being highlighted to the Galleon Trade. What I like about this is it projects our cooking and our culture in general in 2 ways: one, as a fusion of influences from different parts of the world, and also, a source of influence to other parts of the world. I hope Madrid Fusion Manila and the lessons presented will give Filipinos more self- confidence.
- Dr. Fernando Nakpil Zialcita, cultural anthropologist and professor at the Ateneo de Manila University

It’s a very important event because just by listening to Jorge Vallejo, we need to take note not only of the things we received during the Galleon Trade but also acknowledge our contributions to other cultures. It’s essential we know of the interchange of culture. It’s a discovery of what we gave to other countries.
- Ige Ramos, Food Writer

I think this had to happen. The sharing of ingredients, the flow of ingredients from one end of the world to the other – we have to take that up. Our ingredients, which we though are ours, actually came from somewhere else. According to Vallejo, if you use it, it’s yours. You learn a lot in this kind of activity. From the first time I attended Madrid Fusion in Madrid, I really loved it. I knew it had to happen. The sharing of ideas, not only avant garde ones, but also ideas that are traditional, and knowing the root of all these food, and finding out where theyre all going – this is the future. The invited speakers were very good. I am not very sure about the Filipino contingent this year because they’re very young. They still need to be seasoned. There are other Filipino chefs, and not necessarily chefs, who can contribute greatly to the discussions and dialogue. They really don’t have to be chefs. The first speaker of the congress showcased the historical context of all our discussions. In Madrid Fusion, not all are chefs. They have other speakers who talk about the food. Because chefs aren’t the only ones who know about food. I love participating and validating what I’ve learned before, and learning new things.
- Micky Fenix, Writer


What Participants have to say about Madrid Fusion Manila

“A nearly flawless host – the availability, charm & genuine friendless of the staff; the awesome compilation of recipes; the structure & diversity of the regional lunches; and the introduction to Filipino cuisine were commendable, well executed and a true delight.”
- Flavours Magazine, Malaysia

“It is an honor to meet and speak to the brilliant chef presenters of Madrid Fusion Manila. The whole event has given me the opportunity to experience and learn about Filipino food. The experience was very rich! ”
-Let’s eat Magazine, Indonesia

“The organization of the event was almost perfect! The venue was big enough for the delegates and the delegated and the exhibition. The presentations were almost always on time and the technical side( were impeccable! Congratulations !”
-El Pais, China/Spain

“Madrid Fusion Manila is truly impressive. It is indeed a festival of chefs , gastronomy-related media, food lovers and professionals in the food and beverages industry. The whole event was well-organized.”
-Global Gourmet Magazine



VIA WIJAYA (Let’s Eat Magazine / Indonesia)
The whole series of agenda has given me the experience to feel and to learn about the Philippines, not only the food, but also the people and their habit.

I guess we have many similarities, especially when it comes to ingredients, fruits, veggies, desserts, drinks, but I can see slightly differentiation in every single dish, how they treat the ingredients, mixture, way of eating, etc.

The experience was very rich! That's all I can say.

And I am honoured to meet and speak to the chefs; they are brilliant, genius people and yet have low profiles

ANNE BARBOSA (Flavours Magazine / Malaysia)

  • Convention centre facilities: near flawless host; availability of tourism staff to assist; charm and genuine friendliness of the Filipinos.
  • Awesome compilation of recipes
  • Regional lunches: structured and Diversity, a delight
  • Introduction to Filipino cuisine, explanations and background material well executed
  • The cuisine -- many good dishes to trumpet; love the melody of mixed flavours, especially the sour notes. I am now a fan of the kinilaw and sinigang.

EVELYN CHEN ( Travel Asia/ 50 Best  Asia)
I have been thoroughly impressed with the organization of the entire event.

CHRIS DWYER (Fine Food Travel Asia)
"In the Philippines, the future is looking even brighter for a country at a culinary tipping point"

LING (DOREEN) ZHOU (Global Gourmet Magazine)
I was impressed by Madrid Fusion Manila. It is really a festival   of chefs, gastronomy media, food lovers, and professionals from food   and beverage industry. The whole event was well organizad and thanks for your hard work.

The Philippine people are friendly and nice and I like the way that the  Philippine chefs show their concept, their passion and love for their   dishes as well as the local ingredients. That is something new and   fresh and it is quite inspiring.