Tony Yoo

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Country : Korea

Restaurant : DOOREYOO

Address : 16-12 Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Website :

Tony Yoo is one Korea's most celebrated young chefs. Growing up in rural Gangwon province, he learned about the freshest of local ingredients from his grandmother. He also drew inspiration from his father, who was also a chef.

After studying Korean culinary heritage—with a focus on vegetarian temple food and traditional spices—Yoo set out to learn and train in other parts of the globe, including a stint at Aqua, a two-Michelin- star German restaurant. Upon returning home, he launched successful modern Korean restaurants, receiving the country's first Michelin star, and the Award of Ministry of Agriculture in 2011.

Yoo is now the owner-chef of Doreyoo, a restaurant focused on serving the finest Korean dishes using seasonal, organic ingredients, and traditional fermented sauces and pastes.

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  • 1 Michelin Star

  • Pioneer of New Korean Cuisine

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