Jordy Navarra

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Country : Philippines

Restaurant : TOYO EATERY

Address : The Alley, Karrivin Plaza, Chino Roces Ave. Extension, Makati City, Philippines

Jordy Navarra never intended to enter the food and beverage industry. First a history major on a baseball scholarship, Navarra jumped into a business course, then to music. After attempting to wear several hats, he changed paths drastically once again, and wound up working the inner trappings of the kitchen, later receiving a diploma in Culinary and Kitchen Management at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. From there, he served his time in kitchens that include Fat Duck and Hibiscus in the UK, followed by Bo Innovation and Ryu Gin in Hong Kong.

Upon his return to the Philippines, Navarra continued his work in the service industry, focusing specifically on the diversity of the country’s local produce and culture. This innate curiosity in understanding the flavors of his homeland has led Navarra to explore the distinctiveness of the various regions of the Philippines.

Toyo Eatery has become his avenue for learning more about the country’s culture through the tastes that each place renders. In his restaurant, the kitchen and the restaurant floor are run by dynamic young people, all of whom share that same focus and drive to uncover what the islands have to offer. Inspiration for meals here are drawn from a hodgepodge of things, whether it be Filipino barbecue cooked on street corners in the afternoon, or simply a children’s folk song about common garden vegetables.

Comprehending the diversity in simplicity has become the mantra that Navarra and his team turn to with each dish that they create. The plates that pass their hands aren’t about the reinvention of flavors; rather, they speak of their rediscovery.

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