Enrique Olvera

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Country : Mexico

Restaurant : Pujol

In the year 2000, after graduating from the Culinary Institute of New York, at 24, Enrique Olvera opened his restaurant,“Pujol,” in Mexico City. Since then, he has explored and created dishes based on local ingredients and recipes, experimenting with both contemporary and ancestral techniques and consolidating his own culinary style focused on a dialogue with tradition, quality ingredients and attention to detail.

Intent on sharing his distinct perspective and interpretations, he has opened other establishments in Mexico, “Eno”, a gourmet lonchería or snack bar with three branches in Mexico City; “Moxi,” in San Miguel de Allende; and “Manta,” in Los Cabos, a restaurant that delves into the best ingredients on the coast.

After years immersed in investigation and experimentation, Olvera opened “Cosme” in New York in late 2014, a restaurant that has captivated both the public and the critics with its authentic and creative Mexican cuisine.

Enrique Olvera is the author of the books “Uno” (2010), “En la Milpa” (2013) and the recently published gastronomic notebook “Boomerang” (2015) and “Mexico from the Inside Out” (Phaidon, 2015), his first International publication. He is an active promoter of Mesamerica – the principal organizar of multidisciplinary gastronomic encounters in Mexico and the Colectivo Mexicano de Cocina, among other projects.

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