Ricard Camarena

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Country : Spain

Restaurant : Ricard Camarena

Website : http://www.ricardcamarena.com/

The Valencian chef Ricard Camarena possesses a Michelin star and three Repsol suns for 'Ricard Camarena Restaurant', aside from managing ‘Canalla Bistro’, his more eclectic locale (one Repsol sun); ' Central Bar ', the bar of the Mercado Central; and 'HABITUAL', his vision of western Mediterranean cuisine.

In 2014 he expanded his gastronomic universe with the addition of two new spaces in Valencia’s Mercado Colón; ' La Cambra ', dedicated exclusively to private events and celebrations, and ' Ricard Camarena LAB ', his I+D (Investigation and Development) laboratory where he also conducts cooking courses.

His cookbook, ‘Caldos. El Código del Sabor’ ('Broths. The Code of Flavor'), was published in 2015 incorporating more than 15 years of culinary experience revealing innovative new technologies in the elaboration of broths, stock bases and juices without water.

His cuisine stands out for his skill in capturing the intense flavors of every ingredient, without renouncing neither aesthetics nor the most progressive technologies.

Camarena develops his gastronomic proposal without fanfare, with dishes of simple appearance but complicated elaboration.

He finished his studies in the Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo in Valencia, completing short culinary internships (“stages”) at different restaurants at the same time.

Upon graduation, Camarena decided to rent a restaurant in Barx (Gandia), a small village with a thousand inhabitants where he chose to forge ahead with his own cooking style investigating the origins of traditional Valencian recipes and their characteristic ingredients.

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  • One Michelin Star

  • Four Repsol Suns

  • Chef of the Year. Academia de Gastronomía de la Comunidad Valenciana (2007)

  • Best New Restaurant. ‘Squire’ (2009)

  • Most Beautiful Restaurant of the Year. ‘Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía’ (2009)

  • Mejor Restaurante abierto en el año. ‘Squire’ (2009).

  • Nomination for Spanish National Gastronomy Prize(2012)

  • Best Restaurant, ‘Almanaque Gastronomico’ for ‘Central Bar ‘(2014)

  • Chef Millesima Award, Cruzcampo Gran Reserva

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