Yoshihiro Narisawa

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Country : Japan

Restaurant : Narisawa

Yoshihiro Narisawa, Owner-Chef of NARISAWA, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo

“Sustainability and Gastronomy.”

This is the theme of chef Yoshihiro Narisawa. He is a pioneer of cuisine connected to the preservation of the natural environment.

Having traveled to his producers’ fields, having stepped into the earth, and having built a relationship with the natural world, he has created dishes such as: “Soil Soup;” “Water Salad;” “Essence of the Forest.”

Through these signature NARISAWA dishes, natural ingredients such as wood and soil can be eaten; through this experience, the consumer gains a new relationship with the natural world, and with environmental concerns.

Taking this idea a step further is the theme, “Evolve with the Forest,” a calling towards the forests that make up the Japanese land. This theme captured the attention of chefs around the world, directing attention to their own countries’ natural lands, leading to chef Narisawa being named “Most Influential Chef” at Madrid Fusion 2010.

“Innovative Satoyama Cuisine:” a food culture built on the richness of the natural Japanese environment - the satoyama - and the respect of one’s ancestors. A unique genre, not traditional Japanese cuisine, nor French: an original, NARISAWA cuisine, spreading its call to the world.

Traditional Japanese, Satoyama culture, where man and nature live together. This spirit of natural life, using the same characters for the word nature (“shizen”) but a different pronunciation, “ji’nen,” is beyond mere nature, but the whole natural, spiritual world, of which humans are but one part in its flow. From this, two ideas the chef continuously supports: “Sustainable,” towards the environment, and “Beneficial Gastronomy,” to eat healthy, fine food.

  • 2015 The World 50 Best Restaurants #8, Best of Asia
  • 2015 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants #1 in Japan
  • 2015 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards #1 in Japan, #8 in World
  • 2013 The Sustainable Restaurant Award #1 in World
  • 2013 Shizuo Tsuji 80th Anniversary Shizuo Tsuji Food Culture Award, Technical Specialist Prize
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  • 2 Michelin Stars, No. 2

  • Asia's 50 Best Restaurant

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