Alvin Leung

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Restaurant : Bo Innovation

Address : Shop 13,2/f, J Residence, 60 Johnston Road,Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Website :

His “rock & roll” image may be unusual for a chef, but it is an accurate reflection of the type of dishes Alvin Leung offers in his restaurant.

Born in London in 1961 and raised in Ontario, Canada, Alvin’s first involvement in the world of food is when he worked in a restaurant, waiting tables. A few years past, he then pursued studying engineering and later earned his degree.

When he moved to Hong Kong, he bought a speakeasy and renamed it to Bo Innovation. There, Alvin rose to prominence and became known for his “X-treme Chinese” cuisine, where he breaks down traditional Chinese food to its bare essence then uses it to provide a unique modern culinary experience.

Alvin aims to have people say “This dish is the best meal I ever had.” With this in mind, he challenges people’s expectations, and loves to excite and surprise diners. He wants to continuously give people something more than the usual tags of fusion, molecular or modern contemporary. His goal is to take people to their limits and give them a new and exciting experience.

With his unconventional approach to Chinese cuisine and his knack for redefining culinary norms, Alvin earned the moniker “The Demon Chef.” His restaurant, Bo Innovation, promises an immersive experience for each and every one of his diners. This fact is underscored by the Zen design philosophy he has employed in the interiors of the restaurant which allows diners to focus on food instead of the decor. Alvin actively shares his passion for the food he prepares by speaking with patrons and explaining how he made every dish.

His commitment to excellent food has been recognized by the Michelin Red Guide. Bo Innovation currently has three michelin stars while Bo London in the United Kingdom prides itself with one star.

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  • 3 Michelin Stars

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